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PAZ STUDIO aka Studio Mark Paz


Welcome to Paz Studio,  Paz Studio is an architectural design studio based primarily in rendering   and animation.  Paz studio is a freelance design firm which also offers a variety of services including CAD drafting, 3-d modelling and fabrication.  I have began Paz studio as an extension of my education into the professional realm of freelance design and design collaboration.  I have worked on a variety of projects at a variety of scales as both an independant designer, collaborator and intern in several design offices.  Paz studio is a space for showing my ideas and work and redefining a design agenda appropriate for the current times.  I am working out of New York and  have designed speculatively in Amman Jordan, Guangzou China, Oslo Norway and in New York, Chicago and New Mexico.



 The work of Paz studio is very broad, as a young designer the work spans many program types, theories, methods, materials, and agendas.  Paz studio is committed to progress and experimentation, but is rooted to logic and a lineage of thought.  The middle ground of evolving typologies, cultures and movements into the future is where Studio Paz investigates.  How a culture, material, typology or space adapts to changes in social, political and economic structures is of key importance to show an evolution of an idea.  


Projects of Paz Studio are interested in core concepts of sustainability, digital design and the study of where policy and architecture cross.